On Tuesday, March 11, we conducted a panel discussion in the State Buildings on COVID-19, featuring Dr Frank Koentgen of Ozgene, and Mr Scott Williams of Fiftyone Capital. Our panellists were asked to provide insight on this pressing social and economic challenge.

Dr Koentgen is a successful entrepreneur, scientist, and international biotechnology leader with more than 25 years’ experience in Research and Development in molecular genetics. Founder of Ozgene Pty Ltd, providing scientist with mice for research, he is also an Executive Advisory Board Member of the Shingo Institute. Most recently, Dr Koentgen has established a COVID-19 testing clinic in the Cayman Islands.

Scott Williams is CEO and CIO of Fiftyone Capital. Scott has been actively involved in trading markets since 2008 and has a strong focus on risk and capital management. He has also been involved in numerous equity capital market raisings, IPO’s and venture capital deals.

This Assembly panel discussion was attended by members and guests of Quorum, and moderated by Quorum Chairperson, Robert Bentley.

Following the meeting, Scott Williams provided us with the following webinar link to explain his views on where the market may be headed.