Q & A

with Ben

Q&A - What drives you in business?

We thrive on problem solving, and assisting clients in achieving results with difficult planning proposals. We also are particularly passionate about being involved with the creation and conception of built form projects.

Q&A - What is special about your business?

We take a pro-active, not reactive approach to all of our projects. We focus on client education, and positioning projects for best chance of success. We are thorough in our all of our supporting material, and use this as the basis for advocating approvals for our Clients.

Q&A - What is a little known fact about your business?

People think that town planners sit down and draw subdivisions all day, but this is simply not the case! As we focus on built form projects, we are, in essence, novelists, journalists and politicians all rolled into one!

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Ben Carter

Pinnacle Planning

Pinnacle Planning is a Town Planning and Development Consultancy firm based in Perth Western Australia. We specialise in built form projects, and provide assistance to private clients and developers needing advice and assistance in achieving planning milestones. We provide a full service offering in the development and infill space, including advisory, application, council dealings, and also act in the SAT.