Q & A

with Cameron

What drives you in business?

My mission is to bring to life what matters most for my clients and for the people they serve.

What is special about your business?

I bring together brand strategy, innovation, insight and implementation to help businesses identify their true potential – and then realise it. I don't just point towards the Holy Land. I take them there, step by step, in a very one-to-one experience. Cheek by jowl you might say.

What is a little known fact about your business?

I totally love what I do. Mainly this is to do with being around top, top, top people. Some days, I pause and think about the clients and partners I work with and, well, there's a lot of love there. And respect. Changing the world even a little bit ain't easy.

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Cameron McDiven

Cameron McDiven Brand Direction

I am a brand consultant with twenty years of experience. Since 2005 I have consulted under my own banner, creating, managing and maintaining successful brands far beyond the development of a new logo and a catchy line. Under my care, established businesses don’t only look and sound different, they are different. The seed-funded startups I assist are able to communicate their business model, launch products and services and claim market share. In the last 12 months, I have contributed to the success of clients in London, Oxford, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast and Perth.