Q & A

with Carol

What drives you in business?

Seeing our clients succeed. We see client's innovations at the very early stages, often well before they are a commercial reality. We help them create tools to give their innovations a sustainable competitive edge and are thrilled when these innovations are commercially successful. innovations

What is special about your business?

IP is all we do and so we do it well. In fact, we do it the best, as our many awards attest.

What is a little known fact about your business?

All of our attorneys are scientists/engineers. We are the largest IP specialist firm in Australia, with the most patent attorneys.

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Carol Kane

FB Rice

FB Rice provides exceptional service across all things intellectual property - patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, plant breeder rights, domain name management and technology transfer. From R&D tax consulting to searches that inform whether there are obstacles to commercialising an innovation; to trade mark and patent applications, advice and disputes - we aim to service the whole IP cycle. We aim to set IP up to avoid disputes and litigation, but work alongside specialist law forms to make sure your IP protection is secured. Our expertise includes biotechnology, chemistry, engineering, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, software and information technology and trade marks practice areas. If you have IP - and if you're in business, you already have IP - we help you protect your assets today so you can grow tomorrow.