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with Cate

What drives you in Business?

I’m driven to work with companies and organisations which want to make the world a better place. Over the next few decades, the way we measure corporate success will change. I want to partner with companies that value Environment, Social and Governance standards. I aim to promote ethical companies and people who ‘do the right thing’ and strive to high personal and professional standards. There are many ways to be profitable – you don’t have to destroy our environment, over fish, clear land, or trample Aboriginal heritage. I assist businesses that take ESG seriously and want to be part of the solution for a better world.

What is special about your business?

We interact and work with some of Australia’s most influential business reporters, that can publicize your company (where appropriate). Resulting news stories can appear on TV, radio and in newspapers. Media influences stakeholders in every sector.
Sometimes public relations campaigns can change government policy and favourably move the share prices of ASX-listed companies. PR can get your information out – to thousands and thousands of potential ‘new’ customers.
PR, combined with investor relations, can be leveraged to attract dealmakers and big investors. Over time, it can be hugely effective but often requires a significant investment.

What is a little-known fact about your business?

We work for the Australia-Korea Business Council and recently organised interviews for reporters in Sydney when President Moon, of Korea, met with Australian critical mineral miners. The AKBC is promoting high-level research on areas such as critical minerals (featuring some of Australia’s most progressive rare earths’ miners) and food and beverage exports to Korea. No one else is producing such up-to-date information and Perth Media has been assisting to host in-person and virtual events with reporters and AKBC members on key trading trends. Those events attracted enormous amounts of publicity, which in dollar terms for equivalent space in advertising fees, equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Cate Rocchi

Perth Media

Perth Media offers invaluable strategies, connections and outcomes for organisations which want to enhance their public profiles and work with an expert who has a proven track record.Perth Media provides strategic global media and investor relations with integrity. It specialises in public relations campaigns for technology, renewable, mining and agribusiness companies and not-for-profit oranganisations.