Q & A

with Dawn

What drives you in Business?

In business, I want to live each day with truth, purpose, honesty, strength and joy, in line with my values and constantly inspired. Doing this allows me to give my best to my family, clients and my peers. Living well allows me to be continuously be the best version of myself. I am driven by a strong sense of purpose. I am a heart-led adviser and leader who finds joy and purpose seeing people flourish and become financially empowered in a safe and inclusive environment.

What is special about your business?

The Wealth Designers recognise that building wealth isn’t about stacking
gold bars. It’s about curating a beautiful life. It’s the desire to create comfort,
provide for your family, enjoy new experiences, visit new places,
realise your dreams, relieve complexities, treat yourself to fancy toys,
buy your freedom, have peace-of-mind and secure a legacy that lives on,
so you can continue to make a mark long after you’re gone.

What is a little-known fact about your business?

We’re inspired by a very special ethos. Our service is inspired by some special souls, none more so than the late Sharl MacMillan. The mother of founder and CEO Troy, Sharl owned a booming record store business in the 80s that was built on providing people with the most exceptional customer experience, where everyone felt seen, heard and valued.

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Dawn Thomas

The Wealth Designers

My heart led approach to financial advice is based on building a relationship of trust and creating bespoke financial advice based on the life goals and objectives of clients.My strength is in translating the complexity of financial concepts and calming the chaos of a financial position into an empowered plan to move forward with. I assist clients from a broad range of backgrounds, who want to have a connected relationship with their adviser, who will walk alongside them with their life planning.