Q & A

with Mark

What drives you in Business?

Efficient and elegant design is what gets us up in the morning.
But our real strength is conceptual based thinking and providing tailored solutions, not formulated outcomes. Each project is approached as an opportunity to be creative and make life easy for our clients. We have an informed understanding of planning legislation and can advise on design yielding greater return on investment.

What is special about your business?

Our experience is from a High-end Commercial background at the corporate level. This means we operate as boutique design firm that can manoeuvre across all levels of scale. In the Commercial space we are involved in urban projects with significant magnitude at the City level; whilst we can also calibrate to finesse small scale Residential or interior details and create beautifully resolved home spaces.

What is a little-known fact about your business?

Our office was formerly an old Dentist practice, so our meeting room is where the big chair used to sit. (that’s where we drill down on our clients..)
Prior to that, MAARCH office was the 1970’s home to a local and well-known architect. Our desks sit on the old terrace where the spa was located…. We still rock those vibes.

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Mark Aronson

Maarch* Architects

MAARCH Architects are first and foremost a design firm. We create Commercial and Residential Architecture by thinking outside the box to optimise difficult sites. We design powerful interventions, make beautiful spaces and attractive end products with heart and soul.