Q & A

with Nigel

What drives you in business?

The potential to be part of a client’s journey, transforming their ambitious ideas into world changing commercial products/services.

What is special about your business?

Lamost focuses on the trifecta of awareness, knowledge, and realisation. We form deep relationships with our clients to gain awareness of their business. We use our extensive knowledge to develop strategies with our clients. We act upon our strategies to ensure the client can see the realisation of their venture.

What is a little know fact about your business?

Patent attorneys are dual qualified as scientists/engineers and legal practitioners. This means we are bilingual in both tech-speak and legalise.

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Nigel Chen-Tan

Nigel is an intellectual property (IP) expert and the founder of Lamost. He works with small to medium-sized businesses to identify and leverage their unique proprietary knowledge. He also assists businesses that want to increase their value by securing IP rights and developing IP strategies.