Q & A

with Nigel

What drives you in business?

I believe that every thought has the latent ability to change the world. The fastest way to change the world is to nurture the thoughts of Australians to form new technologies and cultural aspects that benefit others. I am driven to help others turn their ambitious ideas into real-life impact through the use of intellectual property rights and strategy. Want to make a dent in the world together?

What is special about your business?

The majority of the attorneys at FB Rice were previously practising PhD research scientists and industry engineers before registration.

What is a little know fact about your business?

Patent and trademark attorneys are not actually lawyers.

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Nigel Chen-Tan

FB Rice
We are experts in the protection of intellectual property, and we work with our clients to create strategies with high commercial impact. FB Rice brings together forward-thinking individuals from a range of disciplines and encourages them to look beyond the constraints of their specialisation.