A critical mass of collaborators


Quorum is a collaborative business community based in Perth, Western Australia. As an Australian incorporated association, we are self-directed, democratic and collectively-owned.

We provide structure and support for SME business leaders whether they have a consumer, small business or corporate market focus. The purpose of the group is to foster collaboration within our community in order to achieve exceptional client outcomes.

Making the client experience central to our purpose ensures that we uphold only the highest standards in client service. Peer evaluation is conducted in an on-going manner allowing us to build a deep understanding of each member's client management, skill set and knowledge base. Business leaders that can demonstrate excellence can count on the support of a critical mass of influential business people within the group itself and beyond at local, national and global levels.

Invitation-only meetings take place once a fortnight supported by an engaging variety of events throughout the year. Public events such as seminars delivered by leading business figures, are balanced with member-only sessions where teams think creatively about how to educate audiences, share content, and integrate services.



The Benefits of Quorum



Members acquire knowledge from each other and invited business thought leaders.



Group marketing activities deliver online engagement, regular shared content and cross-promotional opportunities.



Being able to show a track record of client satisfaction leads to stronger business relationships.



When beneficial to the client, members integrate services and provide regular updates on shared client projects.



A culture of contribution


The Quorum culture is founded upon the values of Empowerment, Trust and Contribution.

As an independent non-profit business association, we follow a principal of ‘culture over quantity’ when it comes to our membership. This means building a culture we enjoy being a part of without needing to acquire members for the sake of it. Guests are invited to attend certain events and learn from the thought leaders we have both within the group and those that we invite to speak from the wider business community. If synergies do exist, guest may be invited to apply for membership in order to expand the collective knowledge base of the group.

Inducting new members is not something we undertake lightly and it involves a rigorous candidate evaluation process. By inducting members with shared values we can build a culture where creative energy is a felt force and members collaborate within an inclusive and caring environment.

As our name suggests, we make decisions through a consensus of opinion. We are led by a rotating executive team that give generously of their time and energy. The executive leads the group for a year at a time in shaping activities that support our clients, our members and good causes in the wider community.



“There are a lot of very long-term relationships here. It gives a sense of belonging to something enduring, something that multiplies potential.”