Meeting Details

Quorum members connect through a variety of meeting formats. Interactions vary with invited guests being able to attend for some events and others being member-only.


Quor Assembly

• Fortnightly breakfast presentation meetings

• Invitation-only guests attend

• Members update the group and invited guests on their business and how they collaborate


Quor Teams

• Fortnightly breakfast team brain storming

• Member-only sessions

• Members collaborate in small teams to integrate services and create seamless client experiences


Quor Strategy

• Quarterly seminars with Western Australia’s business leaders invite to speak

• Attended by clients and industry-relevant contacts

• In-depth business case studies, industry insights, and future trends

• Learn from thought leaders and connect with industry specific contacts


Quor Events

• Annual charity ball, conference, sundowners and other social activities

• Invitation-only guests attend

“Quorum builds deep relationships based on mutual respect for expertise and a genuine desire to put clients first.”